Minisymposia Abstracts

High-Speed, High-Energy, Multi-Material Flows. Chaired by Gustaaf Jacobs, San Diego State University.

There are many environmental and industrial problems where we encounter extreme flows where fluid turbulence and shocks have an intimate and mutual interaction with solid materials. Various environmental processes and engineered systems involve high speed particle dynamics, shock-turbulence interaction, and particle flow interactions; such phenomena play key roles in, for example, volcanic eruptions, supernovae, controlling supersonic combustion, high-speed coating processes for high-performance aerospace and electronic components, rocket motor dynamics, debris flow and contaminant spread due to explosions. While the shocks, turbulence, particle-laden flow, and solid mechanics are mature field in physics, individually, in the interaction between particles, turbulence and shocks many open questions need to be addressed. In this minisymposium on high-speed, high-energy, multi-material flows, we bring together theoreticians, computational scientists and experimentalists with the objective of creating a forum on the state-of-the-art and outstanding challenges in terms of fundamental flow physics modeling and analysis in this emerging field of study.

Complex fluid flows in memory of Daniel D. Joseph. Chaired by Howard Hu, University of Pennsylvania.